8 places to Meet Transgender People in Philadelphia : Trendy places, bars and clubs

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    Meet someone on Philadelphia place

    Getting the right locations to mingle and have a meaningful relationship with is most times tricky. Transsexuals must regularly seek avenues that will cure them of boredom and loneliness. Philadelphia’s transsexuals especially those new to the city should know more trendy places and bars that are lively. There exist many places in Philadelphia where gays, transgenders, and transsexuals can hang out and have fun.

    Where to meet a transsexual woman in Philadelphia ?

    New Philadelphia residents who are not familiar with the terrains of the city will have some difficulty getting too trendy bars and clubs. However, Philadelphia remains a big city that houses many transsexuals, ladyboys, and transgenders. The demand for spots where these amazing people can meet has created many LGBTQ spots in the city.

    There are thousands if not millions of transsexual people looking for love or a one-night stand. These transsexual trendy places and bars can be located, and they offer mouth-watering services for special people to meet.

    Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

    Going out is a wonderful avenue to meet great people with similar interests. Shy people, however, find it hard to connect with people easily. Aside from being quiet and shy, it doesn’t help if they are new to a location.

    Philadelphia has a plethora of wonderful trendy locations where transgenders, gays, lesbians, and ladyboys can be found easily for sex or one-night stands. Places like bars, clubs, restaurants, classifieds, and dating sites are good examples.

    These platforms provide a level playing ground for everyone to bond and form a connection. Dating sites are the sure bet out of all the avenues mentioned because your privacy is guaranteed.

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    Trans Nextdoor is a good solution to make encounters, essentially meetings to have a good time. The undeniable advantage, a control to avoid any problem during your research and your meetings.

    Top 8 Places to Meet Transexual Women in Philadelphia

    There are many trendy places in Philadelphia where LGBTQ families can bond, let’s check the best locations in Philadelphia.

    Tabu lounge

    Tabu lounge offers a very gay experience for those who choose to visit. Located in central Philadelphia, it is easy to locate and offers some very good trans dating services. Payment is usually credit cards or e-check.

    Coordinates of the place

    The location can be found using 399,471 N, 751,610 W

    • Address: 254 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19,107, United States
    • Contact: +1 215-964-9675
    • Web: https://www.tabuphilly.com/

    Toasted Walnut

    Toasted walnut is one of the oldest transgender spots in Philadelphia. It promises to entertain all its guests with whatever they want. If you are a lover of live music, then show up by Wednesday and Friday, where top transsexual musicians will perform.

    Coordinates of the place

    Toasted walnut can be located using 399,491 N, 751,628 W

    • Address: 1316 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19,107, United States
    • Contact: 215-546-8888
    • Web: https://www.toastedwalnut.com/

    Voyeur Nightclub

    This gay nightclub has a lot of energy and vibes. They open by noon and close at 4.am. They only accept credit cards and wire transfers for transactions. You could get lap dances from shemales and transgenders. There are also good drinks which you can drink as you connect.

    Coordinates of the place

    You can get to Voyeur Nightclub by using 399,484 N, 751,619 W

    • Address: 1221 Saint James Street, Philadelphia, PA 19,107
    • Contact: (215) 735-5772
    • Web: http://www.voyeurnightclub.com/V2.0/


    This transsexual bar is one of the best places to visit in Philadelphia. It is a decent place to visit and eat delicious meals. It is a haven for all transsexuals in Philadelphia. Regularly they have shoes, hook up and blind dates for all customers.

    Coordinates of the place

    Getting to Woody’s bar is easy using Woody’s 399,490 N, 751,624 W

    • Address: 202 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19,107, United States
    • Contact: +1 215-545-1893
    • Web: https://woodysbar.com/

    Tavern on Camac

    For a safe arena where transvestites, gays, and shemales meet, visit Tavern on Carmac. The music coming out of this place is huge and offers a great sense of belonging. Foods could be light or heavy depending on your taste. Banking options are credit cards.

    Coordinates of the place

    To find this location, use Tavern on Camac 399,473 N, 751,616 W

    • Address: 243 S. Camac Street in Philadelphia, PA 19,107
    • Contact: 215.545.1102
    • Web: https://www.tavernoncamac.com/

    Bob and Barbara’s

    A very cozy and casual bar in Philadelphia. It offers good drinks and food which are cheap. There is a space for people with wheelchairs, so you feel at home. Accepts only cash payments for now due to security reasons. Offers wash-up services and transsexual hookups.

    Coordinates of the place

    You can visit Bars and Barbara’s at 399,440 N, 751,675 W

    • Address: 1509 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19,146, United States
    • Contact: +1 215-545-4511
    • Web: https://www.bobandbarbaras.com/

    Frank Bradley’s

    This Philadelphia gay bar is very LGBTQ-friendly. Frank Bradley accepts reservations, so you can call before coming to book your space. There are toilets and bathrooms. The bar regularly plays old music like rock and jazz. Also, payment methods accepted remain credit cards.

    Coordinates of the place

    To get Franky Bradley’s location, use 399,485 N, 751,631 W

    • Address: 1320 Chancellor St, Philadelphia, PA 19,107, United States
    • Contact: +1 215-735-0735
    • Web: https://www.facebook.com/frankybradleys/

    Satellite Cafe

    An amazing avenue where transsexuals visit in Philly. It has a serene environment where you can have breakfast with some coffee. At night, you get to see various trannies stroll in for a nice time. Very nice bartenders and girls.

    Coordinate of the place

    To visit this trendy bar use the following coordinates 399,478 N, 752,226 W

    • Address: 4901–4999 Willows Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19,143, United States
    • Contact: +1 484-640-8023
    • Web: https://www.facebook.com/The-satellite-Cafe-234221543635

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